The Gardasil HPV vaccine can be life-threatening to children and adults who have had Mononucleosis (a.k.a. Glandular Fever). These people have a VERY high risk of a bad reaction when they receive a vaccine. People who have one or more of the following genetic traits are also at a high risk of a bad or life-threatening reaction to a vaccine, injury, auto crash, or surgical procedure, including Oral Surgery:

1) Have an HLA-DRB1; DQ*/DR*/ or similar HAPLOTYPE. Common Symptom: This group of people carry more germs (viruses, bacteria, spirochetes (dormant Lyme Disease, but typically have no symptoms), and protozoa (malaria-related bugs, but typically have no symptoms), and hardly ever get sick.

2) People with diagnosed or undiagnosed Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Type 3 (flexable or double jointed) or EDS Type 4 (vascular) - typically bruise easily.

3) Have Native American  (Indian) ancestors from North or South America (carry DNA of Clovis People)


This group of people can suffer severely if they have a severe immune response, as is documented to be CAUSED by the GARDASIL HPV VACCINE, due to genetics which typically lead to the failure of the body to self-limit inflammation, resulting in a possible "cytokine storm".

This group may experience a massive immune reaction which causes billions upon billions of cells to burst apart, spilling the contents of cell compartments to break apart over a short period of time, resulting in a sepsis condition, which is defined as a high level of toxins in the blood.

Stress hormones, including Cortisol, Adrenaline, Norepinephrine, plus Glucose are dumped into the blood when the body senses inflammation.

Every bug you have been exposed to in your lifetime can potentially be reactivated and grow strong.

Cortisol can affect the pineal gland, and slow the production of melatonin, resulting in insomnia.

Without sleep, the Glymphatic in the brain fails to sufficiently clear proteins, reesulting in "brain fog" and beta-amyloid and other plaque accumulation.

Pathogens set free in the first round of cell death (apoptosis) can come back to life, and you suffer a second round of "flu-like-symptoms" days weeks, or decades later. There may also be reoccurring flares of symptoms.

All people will typically show a vitamin d deficiency, plus depleted intracellular magnesium (use an RBC Magnesium to diagnose - a blood serum magnesium test is useless). Vitamin D is necessary for the immune system to work properly (vitamin D is used to make Complement C5b of the Membrane Attack Complex)

Lipopolysacchride (LPS) leaching from an inflamed gut will neutralize natural killer (NK) cells.

Stress Hormones will switch on the ATF3 Gene, which will switch off immune cells to conserve energy during the Fight or Flight response, and together with stunted NK cells and inhibited C5b, the immune system is now depressed, and the host now becomes CONTAGIOUS (a pharmaceutical-induced condition (iatrogenic) when a vaccine is involved.

A histamine intolerance typically develops, which may result in Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome when histamine causes blood vessels in the trunk of the body to dilate.

Additional inflammation and worsening of symptoms are typically due to the CDC wrongfully instructing these immune-compromised people to receive even more immune system hyperstimulating vaccines.

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